memorial day weekend shopping.

We were planning to go to New Orleans this weekend (which would have been so fun!), but ended up deciding to stay here for a few reasons.  We have hardly any plans at the moment… might be kind of nice!  I think I’ll get to cook a lot over the next few days, and I’m very excited.  I just made a stop by Trader Joe’s in Falls Church, and ended up with three very full and heavy bags of groceries!  I can’t wait until TJ’s comes to Clarendon, by the way.

I did want to share the iPhone app I use for storing recipes and making grocery lists… I have found ZipList to be very helpful.  It is very intuitive with helping you create your shopping list, and it also does a good job of organizing recipes you find online.  It even includes a great database for finding new recipes!  It’s not a perfect app, and there are some other things I wish it would do, but it is very good.


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