about me

Photo by Lisa Boggs Photography - http://www.lisaboggsphotography.com

I am a Virginia girl.  Specifically, I spent my middle and high school years in Northern Virginia, which is a very strange area… a funny mix of power, money, traffic, and clogged calendars.   Going to college at Virginia Tech was refreshing and good for me.  On any given day, about 80% of the students wear their college gear to class.  Life in Blacksburg is simple, authentic, and slow-paced. The mountains add a sense of wonder and peace, and you can get amazing food at a very reasonable price.

I moved off-campus and into an apartment sophomore year, and was excited to have a kitchen! My roommate Arielle and I loved to experiment with cooking. She had a crêpe-maker, so we threw crêpe parties whenever we had the chance. As I tried out new recipes, I found myself constantly calling my Greek mother with questions.  She knows everything about cooking, and I ended up learning a lot about it that year.

Senior year, my friends and I took a class called “Wines of the World,” taught by the legendary Professor John Boyer. I learned about all of the different grapes and wine regions. My friends and I took our in-class knowledge very seriously, and applied what we learned outside of class as much as possible.  :)  I fell in love with interesting wines, and said goodbye to Franzia forever.

After college, I found myself back in Northern Virginia, drawn there to work with a youth group in the church where I myself had been a youth. To make up for the fact that I was moving back to my grade school area, I did what many of my high school classmates have done: I moved closer to DC into Arlington. I joined a bible study and met a wonderful man named Chris.  We fell in love, and got married in March 2011! I could write a novel about how wonderful he is.

Now Chris and I live on the eleventh floor of a high-rise apartment in Arlington, right near a metro stop. We love being close to where things are happening. Chris got even more into wine after we started dating, and he was already into good food before we met. (I’m so glad he appreciates my cooking experiments!) Thursdays are our date nights, and we have been on — and continue to go on — many food-and-wine-related adventures.

I don’t pretend to be any kind of expert on local restaurants, good quality wine, or cooking techniques. To me, cooking is very creative and experimental, so I want to grow to become an artist in our little eleventh floor kitchen.  Food and wine bring people together, and that is so important… especially nowadays.  Therefore, this blog is where I’ll be chronicling and exploring my passions of food (creating and consuming!), wine, and being with people. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your stay!


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