roti mediterranean grill.

I just wanted to post briefly, and say that I HEART ROTI!  The best way I know to describe Roti is that it’s the Mediterranean version of Chipotle.  Instead of burrito, tacos, or bowl, you choose from a pita, salad, or sandwich… with all the key Mediterranean fixings!  We went to the one near the L’Enfant Plaza metro station, which was not much in terms of environment… it’s more of a mall-like area.  (The Roti staff was very sweet though!)  The location near the Farragut West metro stop is apparently a little snazzier.  I’ve also heard, via their twitter (@rotiusa), that Roti will be in Rosslyn next year!  Roti is growing, and it definitely is so hot right now.

The Greek in me and the health-nut in me LOVES it.  I think they could do a Subway-like challenge, and see what happens if someone ate at Roti consistently for awhile.  My prediction is that the results would turn out fabulously.  Maybe you all have heard of the Dukan Diet that Kate Middleton apparently used before the wedding… there are so many articles out there discussing her figure, but many websites do promote going Mediterranean over going Dukan.

I must say that I am inspired to do more Pilates because of Pippa though.  :)



easy seafood meals.

This is a post about nothing revolutionary… just two meals I’ve made lately that are EASY and involve seafood.  First, salmon!  It is my goal to cook salmon once a week.  (We’ll see.)  Today I was skimming an article on the Spanish Mediterranean Diet (from one of Chef José Andrés’ websites), and it really affirmed me in this meal:

Salmon w/Broccoli & Brown Rice

I think I tend towards Mediterranean ways in general… it’s probably the Greek in me.  For this meal, I used organic broccoli, brown rice with NO added anything (so the rice took 45 minutes or so to cook), and Atlantic Salmon (thanks, Harris Teeter, for your half-price deal!).  The salmon marinade consisted simply of garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, sea salt, and pepper… and I cooked the salmon in 5 minutes on our George Foreman.  I finally watched Food Inc the other weekend, and it inspired me to eat as purely as possible!!

Of course, to balance out Food Inc, I suggest watching this.  The other extreme… so funny.  :)

Here is the second seafood meal I made recently:

Garlic & Basil Linguine w/Shrimp & Spicy Tomato Sauce (w/Broccoli & Squash)

The caption describes what’s going on here.  The garlic and basil linguine is from Trader Joe’s (I love it, because it cooks in just around 5 minutes or so.).  I made the spicy tomato sauce (really an “arrabiata sauce“) from tomato paste, water, and tons of different dried spices.  I was going to put ground beef in the sauce for a standard meat sauce concoction, but Chris and I had just eaten Elevation Burger for lunch (YUM!  And so in line with Food Inc… grass-fed, free range beef, and fries cooked in olive oil!), so we decided to go with fresh shrimp in the sauce instead.  It was a lot lighter, but still filling.  Delicious! :)